About us

​BeeHive Oven began in 2012 when hurricane Sandy hit New York. Being from Texas, Chef Treva Chadwell and her husband John knew that hurricanes can devastate the community in so many ways. Also knowing that a small sense of comfort goes a long way, Treva and John teamed up with neighbors and headed to Rockaway Beach to bring a sense of home to the families who might have lost their homes. Using the recipes and flavors that she grew up with, Treva prepared chicken, biscuits, and frito pie for the volunteers helping with the recovery and those effected. Enjoying it all, most asked where they could get the food that helped some feel like “home.” At the time there was not a place, but that was the beginnings of BeeHive Oven.

On a hunch that they were on to something, Chef Treva and John applied to the food market, Smorgasburg. In April 2013, BeeHive Oven began its business bringing biscuits made by Texans to NYC. Chef Treva's food was an overwhelming success, and BeeHive Oven also became known as a place where the owners would chat a while.

In May 2014 BeeHive Oven opened its first restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY serving comfort food that takes one to a feeling of “home.”

Treva Chadwell and her husband John have built as space that reflects a heritage that spans generations. Treva Chadwell is a classically trained Chef the Institute of Culinary Education, but learned how to make the best heritage meals with her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother as well as with her father in his restaurant and catering business. An eighth generation Texan/Louisianan with roots to pirates, princes and patriots , Chef Treva has a that rare ability to make food resonates a broad heritage.

Carrying that heritage today, Chef Treva likes to say, “I want to feed people something that is simply beautiful and delicious and takes them to a feeling of ‘home.”