BeeHive takes great care to make everything in house. In fact they like to say they make everything but the honey and hot sauce.

When you sit down for a meal at BeeHive Oven, you will taste the care that goes into every dish. They source the best ingredients they can find and source them properly. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced, however there are times that the best ingredients come from a little distance away. No matter where the ingredients come from, each bite will tell you that your meal was made with the utmost care.

Chef Treva's recipes come from classic training and years of experience from many generations. Each dish, reflects a heritage but is updated to reflect a taste that takes you “home.”

The dishes are not artisanal or forced but simple and delicious that cause many guests to tell stories of growing up. It is the best compliment to have a guest say the meal reminds them of someone they love.