A Quest for New York's Perfect Biscuit

At Beehive Oven, which opened in Williamsburg last year, biscuits are served under a Texan flag pinned to the ceiling. Treva Chadwell, who runs the restaurant with her husband, John, grew up in South Texas, where her family goes back eight generations. Her biscuits are an approximation of her grandmother’s, which were flat, with hard, browned bottoms. Ms. Chadwell’s are taller, sometimes nearly toppling, their slopes suggesting landslides of dough. They have amber lids and interiors that are somehow fluffy and dense at once, delicate yet robust enough to survive when stuffed with fried chicken or shrimp rémoulade.


This Is The Best Restaurant In Brooklyn, According To Yelp

By that method, the number two spot was awarded to The Family Store in Bay Ridge, followed by BeeHive Oven Biscuit Cafe in Williamsburg, Mountain Province in East Williamsburg and Patsys Pizzeria in Park Slope. Perennial favorites like Juliana's Pizza (19) and Paulie Gee's (42) made the cut—though somewhat shockingly, given tourists's love for Yelp, Grimaldi's doesn't crack the top 100. Also somewhat surprising: Peter Luger's 3305 reviews and solid 4 star rating got it booted from the list as well.


From market vendor to brick-and-mortar: Smorgasborg Success Stories

Smorgasburg returns to Brooklyn on Saturday, April 4th! 2015 will mark the fourth year of the ever-popular outdoor food market, which has launched the careers of hundreds of New York food entrepreneurs. From South Indian dosas to a brand new internationally inspired baked creations, learn how Smorgasburg vendors took their pop-up popularity to succeed in New York's restaurant industry.


BeeHive Oven is Opening a Restaurant

...'We will carry on and serve the best biscuits in NYC, create jobs in our new neighborhood and have a blast doing it,” the Chadwells said in a blog post on their website. “There are lots of great things ahead. See you in the SPRING!!'..

— Nikita Richardson

Biscuits Gone Wild at BeeHive Oven's New Digs

Brooklyn’s recent obsession with fried chicken, pies, and all things southern-made has for the most part overlooked what is, IMHO, one of the most vital parts of Dixie cuisine: biscuits! So I was stoked to see that BeeHive Oven, which has been hawking some deliciously fluffy biscuits at Smorgasburg for the past year, recently opened its own brick and mortar restaurant in Williamsburg...


Smorgasburg’s Biscuit Vendor BeeHive Oven Opening Brick-and-Mortar Restaurant

The somewhat sad news is that Brooklyn-based vendors Treva and John Chadwell's Kickstarter campaign for their forthcoming BeeHive Oven restaurant, which just ended, was unsuccessful in hitting its goals, but the pair is forging on ahead and planning a spring opening at 743 Driggs Avenue. BeeHive Oven will present plans to serve beer and wine at tomorrow's CB1 Brooklyn meeting, and fans of those exemplary ham-and-brie biscuits — not to mention the duo's apple-, pineapple-, and horseradish-based 'Jezebel' sauce — should start getting excited.

— Hugh Merwin